We have been designing and manufacturing windshield wiper systems for over 50 years and, day by day, we have increased our experience level until achieving a level of specialization that enables us to position ourselves as one of the world’s leading windshield wiper system manufacturers.

Each piece of equipment is the result of a unique project that has been developed specifically for each application, allowing us to obtain maximum product performance as well as offer the required visibility area for each type of vehicle cabin.

We are also aware of the importance of producing equipment series that adjust to actual needs and, as a result, our clients value our production process due to their capacity to fully adapt to small or medium production series.


As specialists in the manufacturing of rear view mirrors and associated components since 1973, we have a valued and qualified technical team that enables us to design and produce whole sets of rear view mirrors for all types of industrial vehicles, mainly buses.

Rear view mirrors are safety elements that must provide us with continuous visual information about zones outside our field of vision and therefore, our innovative designs respond to both the market’s demand as well as the technical and safety requirements of each vehicle, by bringing tailor-made solutions that are specifically designed and conceived for each occasion.

The materials that are used in their fabrication are the result of a careful selection that combines the necessary characteristics that are required to produce world-class products. As a result, our rear view mirrors are prepared to withstand environmental corrosion as well as any type of inclement weather.



washer systems

In order to have full washer systems available, our facilities are equipped with the necessary technology for designing and fabricating washer system tanks as well as a broad range of accessories with which to obtain a product that is fully prepared to meet the requirements of each specific application.

Our broad range of tanks feature capacities ranging from 1 L up to 40 L and our technical team develops projects that seek consistent and maximum operating efficiency.

plastic tanks

Our plants design and produce a broad range of expansion, recovery, hydraulic, break fluid and oil reservoirs for assembly as OEM or aftermarket applications.

Thanks to the technology available in our production plants we are able to offer products that are manufactured using rotational molding, blow molding or injection molding, allowing us to obtain special designs that are assembled using fully mechanized processes while consistently meeting our clients requirements.


Our air systems division features a broad range of electric fans and blowers for all types of applications as well as a broad variety of accessories and ducts for

ensuring correct airflow.

Based on the needs of the vehicle and the existing legislation we develop and manufacture all those parts that comprise the ventilation system, offering the best solution to our clients in a consistent manner.



We develop and manufacture window lifters for buses, agricultural and construction equipment, electrical vehicles and micro cars.

These window lifters are specially designed for each application by optimizing space and performance in view of achieving a compact and functional design.




This range of motors and gear motors is designed to adjust to all types of mechanisms.

They are particularly designed for applications requiring independent power supply or reduced weight or dimensions, mainly for mobile assemblies or elements.

We develop tailor-made and up to 72 V direct current motors and gear motors in order to satisfy our clients’ project needs.


Our extensive market know-how allows us to offer a range of gas springs that are specifically conceived for easy and secure door and window opening for all types of applications and vehicles.

This range of gas springs has been thoroughly studied and tested in order to offer a top-quality product that can withstand heavy weights and one that has been specially treated to withstand both corrosion and a broad range of ambient temperatures.

Its assembly versatility allows us to use the most suitable device consistently, therefore guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability when in use.




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